Classical Music is the main thrust of Music in Essex and it features many orchestras, choirs etc. This site lists Classical Music concerts and performers of classical music in Essex.
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Classical Music in Essex

...and other music

We started out supporting classical music in Essex. It is difficult to define what exactly classical music is and so we have been very loose in applying that criterion. We have spread our wings to include other forms of 'grown-up' music - concert brass bands, operatic and dramatic societies, jazz clubs, organ clubs and so on. Some of these may include classical music only as part of their repertoire some hardly at all. Generally music that is aimed at an adult audience is OK.

This site lists up to 400 concerts in Essex which are classical music and other types. Not only concerts are welcome; talks, workshops. competitions and plays etc. that are primarily to do with serious music all have a place in this community.

We do draw the line though at modern guitar bands, discos, night clubs and the like. They are too far from classical music and really are aimed at a different audience. So if it's the sort of thing that suits listeners to Radio 1 or Essex FM, then it's not for us.

See our listings of classical music and other concerts and recitals in our calendar.

You can contact makers of classical music to operatic and dramatic societies in our contact cards section.

(there is also contact information for other non-classical music organisations as described above on the same page.)

The 'Tutti' web pages on this site also include some classical music and other organisations.


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mainly classical music but quite a broad range

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