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  1. Any qualifying person may apply to become a partner (client) of subject to the terms and conditions herein.

  2. To qualify, musical groups and artistes should rehearse or perform in the County of Essex, or within 15 minutes drive of the county border. Traders should be able to serve customers in Essex. Professional musicians should be available to accept commissions from Essex groups and/or perform in the County.

  3. Most services have a price attached to them; the client consents to pay the prices agreed.

  4. Any content must be totally or substantially within the scope of Music in Essex (see above), or relevant to the support thereof.

  5. Persons applying on behalf of groups or organisations must be authorised to do so.

  6. Where discount is offered for amateur societies, such societies must be able to show that they are properly consititued amateur groups.

  7. Changes to the site are normally undertaken around the 1st of each month, but this is subject ot pressure of work and no guarantee is given that changes will take place on schedule. Submissions will be held until the next change unless specifically requested by the customer. An additional charge may be applicable. Please see also below regarding right to cancel.

  8. All content must be within the provisions of English Law (with special regard to copyright laws).

  9. The operators of are the final arbiters of what may be included and may refuse or remove content in contravention of these conditions. In these circumstances, prepaid charges are not refundable.

  10. Payment is due on receipt of invoice. Receipt by us of an effective cheque by first class post within 5 postal working days of the date of the invoice (when the invoice is delivered electronically or by first class mail) or within 7 postal working days (when the invoice is despatched by 2nd class post) is considered reasonable and adequate. In the case of non-payment by the due date, the owners of reserve the right to send reminder letters. The client will be charged £25 + VAT for each reminder letter. Furthermore, overdue accounts are subject to interest at the current rate in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and its amendments. In addition any contracted-for services will be suspended wihtout refund until such time as the debt has been made good.

  11. is a not-for-profit organisation and payments made for services are purely to help offset the costs invovled in running the site. Therefore should for any reason the site close or otherwise be unable to deliver paid services, no refund of prepaid monies can be made. The price levels are deliberately set low in order to reflect this aspect of risk sharing.

  12. Where the transaction takes place over the Internet or telephone, the customer has seven days in which to cancel. During this period, the order will not be progressed unless expressly requested by the customer; such action to be interpreted as waiving their right to the seven day cancellation period. Should an order be cancelled after expenditure has been incurred and/or work done on the client's behalf, then such sum relative to that will be payable by client according to the current price list.

  13. The Client indemnifies the principals of Music in South Essex, the web developer and hosters against any breach of these conditions or applicable law.

  14. Internet services are provided under the terms and conditions of Web-Wright Online Business Consultancy (details). Where there is conflict between MusicInEssex terms and Web-Wright terms, MusicInEssex terms will prevail for business conducted using the services.


  1. Calendar entries submitted to the paper version Music in South Essex are automatically included online. If you prefer that the information is not included online, please make this clear at the time of entry or subsequently in writing.
  1. We can only accept alterations to entries from the same authority that placed the original list.


  1. Contact Cards may contain only:
    • Name of organisation
    • Brief description (unless obvious from title)
    • Contact details; Name, address, phone number, fax, email, website (as appropriate)
  • Clients who pay for their contact card are allowed to give a lnoger descripton of their services and provide an address.
  1. Clients may have more than one Contact Card if they provide more than one service.



  1. The page will be branded as part of the Music in Essex Site and the Client has no access to change the branding.

  2. The main content of the Tutti page must be relevant to Music In Essex.

  3. No third party advertising (including the likes of banner exchanges) is allowed. Clients may of course advertise their own concerts and services.

  4. Tutti is designed for a single page only - defined roughly as one A4 page load. Clients may have more than one Tutti page.

  5. There is a limit of 300KB to the data stored on the server. This is more than adequate for a page of text, but can be exceeded with heavy use of graphics. It is recommended that graphics no longer required are deleted from the service.

  6. In order to edit Tutti pages sucessfully, you must allow cookies to be written to your computer
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