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Will you volunteer?

MusicInEssex.info has grown in size and popularity and the number of services has increased. So I am looking for people to help. I am happy to consider any reputable person who will be committed and get on with the job. To a certain extent I can mould the work to the skills of the applicant.

What I am particularly looking for is:


Doesn't need paricular skills other than baisc computer/internet. On a regular basis you will extract concert details from the calendar and submit details of upcoming concerts to the appropriate local newspapers.


Keep an eye on the subscriptions of people paying for adverts, Tutti pages and contact cards and make sure that renewal reminders are sent out. The admin section is set up to identify what is coming up for renewal, so it is partly automated already.


Need to keep contact with members, mainly via email (we have a mass mailing program to do this). The idea is to keep in touch and help promote MusicInEssex.info so that it gets a higher profile.

Forum Moderators

Our forum has a number of topics, all of which people can freely add comments to. We need responsible people to act as moderators to police what is being said in the forums to ensure that they are not misued.

Please contact Brian on 0843 289 7753 or


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